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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy creation
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Hi, I’m Dale Davies

I’m an SEO Strategy Consultant in Edinburgh

Since 2014 I’ve been learning about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and developing SEO strategies, at first for my own website (which eventually went on to earn an average of 34,000 visits a month by 2017), and then for hundreds of businesses through my work as the SEO Manager and eventual Head of Digital Strategy for a UK-based digital marketing agency.

Over the years, I’ve helped to develop SEO strategies for businesses in all types of industries, from SaaS companies to dental cosmetic clinics, and plumbers to eCommerce stores.

The SEO strategies I’ve helped to create have earned these businesses huge increases in search engine visibility for important keyword phrases, leading to organic traffic growth, an increase in leads and sales, and significant gains in the market from competitors.

What is an SEO Strategy?

An SEO strategy is a framework used for planning, creating, and optimising a website so that it’s more likely to earn traffic from search engines, like Google. The strategy will include guidance, based on research, on the best content to create for the audience the business is aiming to reach. The SEO strategy should also include advice on the best way to earn backlinks to the website (the best way to earn links will differ from one business to the next).

Successful SEO strategies are those based on strong research which should consist of keyword research, competitor research, and research on how Google is handling the search queries used by a business’ target audience, as Google’s choice of ranking may depend on the intent of the search being carried out.

Why Businesses Need an SEO Strategy

Running an SEO campaign without a clear strategy is similar to a sports team taking to the field without a game plan. Without having researched their competition and designing a strategy to beat the other players, the sports team is unlikely to win.

The same can be said for digital marketing, and in this instance, SEO. Without an SEO strategy, a business may invest time and money in improving a website which may never deliver a return on that investment.

Every business investing in digital marketing should have an SEO strategy tailored to their specific needs, outlining a process for improvement which is going to deliver the increase in search visibility, organic traffic, and leads or sales the business needs to meet their revenue growth goals.

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Why You Should Choose an SEO Consultant Over an Agency

SEO agencies which offer many services and cater to lots of clients can often be spread thinly across their client list. Their account managers and SEO specialists, although brilliant at their job, are frequently handling more clients per head than they are able to comfortably do without sacrificing some form of work quality.

Unlike SEO agencies, as an SEO Consultant, I choose to only work with a handful of companies at any one time, meaning that my time is not spread too thinly across multiple clients.

Whilst this may mean having to decline new business or keep a waiting list of new clients, because I care about each SEO campaign I work on, it’s a compromise I’d prefer to make so that my passion for SEO equals the passion of each business owner I work with.

Other SEO Services I Offer

As part of my work as a freelance SEO strategist, I recommend a number of related services, including the following: Content Strategy, Link Building, Site Auditing.

Backlink Analysis

I will complete a backlink audit for your website and identify any links which may be damaging your website’s ability to get to the top of Google.

Content Auditing

I will audit your website’s content and make suggestions on where you or your team can make improvements so that your content increases in search visibility.

eCommerce SEO

I will analyse your eCommerce website and determine the best SEO improvements to make which will lead to an increase in organic traffic and sales for your store.

Link Building

With a writing partner, I will create a custom link building strategy for your website and execute it to increase the number of valuable backlinks for your website.

SEO Consulting

I will consult your business on search engine optimisation so that you, or your team, can improve your website and increase its ability to rank well.

Competitor Analysis

I will analyse your website’s competitors and highlight their strengths and weaknesses so that they can be built upon within your own SEO strategy.

Content Strategy

I will create a content strategy for your business which you or your team can implement to increase your website’s ability to earn organic traffic by getting to the top of Google.

Keyword Research

I will complete keyword research for your business which can be used to form the basis of content creation and page optimisation for your website.

Local SEO

I will analyse your website’s ability to rank on the first page of Google for local search queries, increasing organic traffic, leads, and sales for your business.

Site Auditing

I will complete a site audit of your website and identify any areas for improvement which will lead to an increase in organic ranking and traffic.

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