Keyword Research

Analysis of the best search queries a business should target
as part of their Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy

Hi, I’m Dale Davies

I’m an SEO Consultant in Edinburgh

For six years, I’ve been working within the Search Engine Optimisation (abbreviated as SEO) industry,  beginning with the self-interest of optimising my own website to get it to the top of Google. The result of this work, based on keyword research, strong content, and adherence to SEO fundamentals, resulted in an average of 34,000 visits a month to my website by the summer of 2017.

Since then I’ve helped hundreds of businesses to increase their website’s search visibility based on the same fundamentals of solid research and great content creation.

What is Keyword Research?

Keyword research is the process or researching for the phrases, (also called “keywords” or “search queries”) most commonly searched-for by a business’ target market. These keyword phrases are then used as the basis of the SEO or content strategy created by that business to develop the pages or articles containing the information required to answer those search queries.

As an example, when someone searches for “flowers for a funeral” they may be searching for a shop to purchase those flowers from or they may be looking for a list of suggestions of appropriate flowers to send to the grieving family.

Only through well-explored keyword research should a business decide on the type of content to create for their website.

Why Businesses Need Keyword Research

If a business and its ideal customer are using different language to describe the service or product on offer, then it’s difficult for that business to reach that customer and vice-versa. By doing keyword research, a business can learn about the types of searches prospective customers are making, but also how Google and other search engines display that information. Whilst a writer may have an idea for the best content to display for keyword phrases, Google may disagree and display a completely different type of content at the top of Google instead.

An example of this is the search term, “digital pr agency”. This may seem like a search someone might do to find an agency, but for a long time Google was displaying a “What Is Digital PR?” blog post at the top of their search results because the algorithm felt that a blog post aided searchers better than the other nine “Digital PR Service” pages ranking on the first page.

Good keyword research also avoids the pitfall of focusing on vanity keywords. These are short keywords which a business may think are the most important to rank for, but they’re 99.% of the time being fought over by every single business in that industry. Instead, the focus should be on less competitive keywords (i.e, search queries) which aid a customer during the research phase of their purchase.

An example of this is a business trying to rank for “protein powders”. At the time of writing, there are 43,500,00 results for this search. Many of those indexed pages may have nothing to do with the search query and lots of them may be pages on inactive websites, but it doesn’t matter. It’s a saturated field and there are undoubtedly businesses spending large amounts of money each month trying to rank first.

Instead, the focus should be on related searches which would bring people onto the website. In this instance, this business should focus on supplementary content for searches such as “best protein powders for smoothies”, “do I need to use protein powder”, and “best vegan protein powder for weight loss”.

These types of content will help the researching prospective customer to self-educate themselves, which provides this example business with an opportunity to showcase both their industry expertise and their product range.

Within this content they could also offer some form of special discount to first-time purchasers which could tip the balance for this customer to make their first purchase, all thanks to keyword research-based decision making.

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Why You Should Choose an SEO Consultant Over an Agency

SEO agencies are great. They can offer lots of services which a freelance SEO consultant may not be able to, including a range of Pay-Per-Click services (like Google Ads Management), but one area where they frequently fall is that their specialists are often spread too thinly across a dozen or more clients at one time, which can lead to slips in quality. Where SEO agencies have several dozen or a hundred clients on their books, the more this noticeable decline in quality usually is.

As a freelance SEO consultant, I only work with a handful of companies at one time, meaning that my attention is not split trying to spin plates for a dozen companies at once.

Other SEO Services I Offer

Alongside keyword research I also offer a number of related SEO services, including Content Auditing, Content Strategy Creation, and Link Building.

Backlink Analysis

I will analyse your website’s backlinks to discover any which may be harmful to your website’s ability to rank for your target keyword phrases.

Content Auditing

I will complete a content audit for your business and make recommendations on how to improve your current content so that it increases in search visibility and earns more organic traffic.

eCommerce SEO

I will audit your eCommerce website and make a priority list of changes which can be made to improve your store’s search visibility to earn more traffic and sales.

Local SEO

I will review your website’s Local SEO potential and make suggestions on how to improve the site so that it earns more local enquiries and sales from organic traffic.

SEO Strategy

I will create a new SEO strategy for your business with the aim of increasing keyword ranking and organic traffic which can be converted into either leads or sales.

Competitor Analysis

I will analyse your website’s competitors to highlight both their strengths and weaknesses so that your business can take advantage of them.

Content Strategy

I will design a content strategy for your business that you or your team can follow to create content that ranks well in Google’s search results and continually earns traffic, leads, and sales.

Link Building

With a partner content writer, I will create a link building strategy for your business and action it to earn valuable backlinks to your website, focusing on quality over quantity.

SEO Consulting

I will your business on how to the best SEO strategy to increase your traffic, leads, and sales.

Site Auditing

I will audit your website to find any errors or issues which may be limiting your website’s ability to rank high in Google.

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