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Hi, I’m Dale Davies

I’m an SEO Consultant in Edinburgh

For six years I’ve been supporting businesses on the subject of Search Engine Optimisation, beginning with my own website on which I first learned the fundamentals of SEO, resulting in an average of 34,000 visits a month to that website within the first 3 years.

During this time, I’ve consulted many eCommerce stores on the best practices which need to be followed to ensure that a website is not only easy to for people to visit and navigate, but for search engine crawlers (like Googlebot) too, as eCommerce websites are some of the most often difficult to manage and maintain (due to their size, and most frequently, the choice of software used to build them).

Although my expertise doesn’t include the coding required to build or develop eCommerce websites by myself, I’ve repeatedly worked with eCommerce store developers to make improvements so that they see the increased keyword ranking in search engines required to grow daily and monthly traffic volumes which, in turn, leads to dramatic sales growth.

What is eCommerce SEO?

eCommerce SEO is the process of improving an online store so that it’s more likely to appear at the top of Google for the products or product categories its target market is searching for. Of all the areas of SEO, it can be one of the most technical due to the quantity of pages many eCommerce stores host and technical choices made for handling crucial website elements, such as category filters and pagination.

eCommerce SEO isn’t only about how well-engineered an eCommerce website is, although it is a key fundamental. Highly visible eCommerce stores are built on the content produced for them and how useful this content is to internet users.

Where a gymwear store may feel their focus should be on the copy of their category pages, their prospective customers may find more use from supportive content such as “Beginners Guide to Buying Gym Clothing”, “Best Womens Workout Clothes for HIIT”, or “How To Perform Squats Properly”.

Why Businesses Need a Freelance eCommerce SEO Consultant

eCommerce SEO is difficult, and for businesses with a high-volume of orders it can be impossible to find the time to audit their eCommerce store and make the corrections required to improve the website.

For newer online stores, which have spent less time in the market, the priority should instead be on finding great products, defining a killer sales message, and building brand awareness, which leaves little time for the enormity of eCommerce SEO (especially as an eCommerce store expands to offer thousands of products).

The solution for eCommerce stores of all sizes is to enlist the help of a freelance eCommerce SEO consultant who can audit the website and highlight areas for improvement, sorted by a results-focused priority, so that the business can work on them in an order which returns the outcome they need — increased organic traffic and sales.

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Why You Should Choose an eCommerce SEO Consultant Over an Agency

SEO agencies normally have several dozen clients, and sometimes, hundreds. The problem for the clients on these agency books is that the eCommerce SEO specialists are frequently spread thinly across multiple campaigns trying to do their best to manage their workload without letting the quality of their work decline.

Unfortunately, this frequently happens as many websites, and eCommerce stores in particular, require much more time than the SEO specialist can allow, leading to less-than-ideal work and, therefore, results.

As a freelance SEO consultant, I only work with a handful of clients at one time, meaning that I remove the probability of being overcapacity (although this does mean I may have to turn clients away).

By limiting the amount of work I take on I limit the potential to be overstretched, so my work is both consistent and more likely to deliver the results eCommerce stores need to see increased organic traffic and sales.

Other SEO Services I Offer

As well as eCommerce SEO I also consult in the following SEO fields and specialities, including: Content Auditing, Competitor Analysis, and SEO Strategy.

Backlink Analysis

I will audit your backlinks and highlight any links to your website which may limit your site’s ability to rank well in search engine results.

Content Auditing

I will analyse your website’s content and highlight which pieces can be improved to increase their ability to earn organic traffic via search engines.

Keyword Research

I will do keyword research for your business which you or your team can use as the framework for your SEO campaign and content creation schedule.

Local SEO

I will complete a Local SEO audit and determine whether website improvements can be made which will increase local traffic, leads, and sales.

SEO Strategy

I will create a bespoke SEO strategy for your website which your business can follow to improve your website’s search engine visibility and increase traffic.

Competitor Analysis

I will complete an analysis of your competitors and highlight areas of opportunity for your SEO campaign based upon their strengths and weaknesses.

Content Strategy

I will create a content strategy for your website which your business can follow for future content creation,earning you more traffic for your website.

Link Building

With a content partner, I will create and complete a link building campaign for your business which will earn you valuable backlinks to your website.

SEO Consulting

I will consult your business on search engine optimisation so that you or your team can improve your website and get your website to the top of Google for key search terms.

Site Auditing

I will complete a site audit of your business’ website and highlight areas for improvement which should lead to an increase in keyword ranking.

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