Content Auditing

Analysis of a website to find content to improve for
the benefit of users and increased search visibility

Hi, I’m Dale Davies

I’m an SEO Consultant in Edinburgh

For six years I’ve been working within the digital marketing industry, beginning with hands-on learning and development of my own successful website. This success, led mostly by the quality of the onsite content, led to my role as the SEO Manager and eventually as Digital Strategy Manager for a growing UK digital marketing agency.

Over the years, I’ve helped hundreds of companies to increase their website’s performance, leading to significant gains in traffic and the conversion of those visitors into either leads or eCommerce sales.

One core aspect of that success is based on content, especially in the field of Search Engine Optimisation (abbreviated as SEO). When people search on Google they normally have a problem. This problem may be solved with advice or with a product or service, but without doubt, the route that takes them to that solution is always content. Your website’s content needs to match their needs, both urgent and non-urgent. Sometimes, content doesn’t perform as well as it should, so the best thing to do is perform an audit to look for areas where improvements can be made.

What Is Content Auditing?

Content auditing, or a content audit, is the process and subsequent results of analysing a website’s content to find whether it’s performing as well as it should be. Depending on the quantity of content on a website, the recommendation of a content audit may be to only make minor improvements to the content or, on the other end of the scale, to completely rewrite it, combine it with other content (to make one master-piece of content), or to remove the content altogether.

The results of a content audit for a website should be a list of recommendations for the website owner to complete. Recommended content improvements can range from changes to a page’s metadata, to the headings and subheadings of the copy, or a complete rewrite entirely.

Why Businesses Need Content Auditing

Without content auditing, it’s impossible to know whether a website’s content could be more visible in Google’s search engine, i.e, getting closer to the top of Google, and whether more traffic could be earned by each page.

If a website has 100 pages and only 10% of them earn ten visitors each per week, the total number of visitors in a month is 100. If each page was reviewed and improved, and an average of 20% of them earned the same ten visitors in a month, 200 visitors a month are earned without having to add more pages to the website. It sounds simple, but that’s because it is. SEO content audits are powerful, yet simple, ways to improve a website’s search performance.

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Why You Should Choose a Freelance SEO Consultant Over an Agency

SEO agencies often have many clients on their books, sometimes so many that their account managers, managers, and SEO specialists are thinly spread across all the clients. This multitasking can result in less-than-ideal campaign improvements, and sometimes, missed campaign goals.

As a freelance SEO consultant, I choose to only work with a handful of businesses at any one time, meaning that I’m entirely focused on delivering a high-quality service and a revenue-increasing campaign performance.

Other SEO Services I Offer

I also offer a number of other SEO services, some of which pair with website content auditing, such as Content Strategy creation, Keyword Research, and Link Building.

Backlink Analysis

I will complete an analysis of your website’s backlinks and highlight any links which may be hazardous to your website’s search ranking performance.

Content Strategy

I will create a content strategy for your business which you or your team can follow to improve your existing content or create new content from.

Keyword Research

I will do keyword research for your business which you or your team can use to base your content strategy on to increase your website’s ranking.

Local SEO

I will analyse your website and determine whether improvements can be made to increase your website’s Local SEO ranking ability.

SEO Strategy

I will devise an SEO strategy for your website so that you or your team can improve your business’ website and increase keyword ranking and organic traffic.

Competitor Analysis

I will analyse the websites of your competitors and highlight their strengths and weaknesses so that your SEO campaign can take advantage of them.

eCommerce SEO

I will analyse your eCommerce website and find opportunities for improvement which should increase organic traffic to your website.

Link Building

With a writing partner, I will develop a link building strategy for your business and deliver valuable backlinks to your website.

SEO Consulting

I will consult with your business on SEO and improvements you can make to your website so that you or your team can make such improvements directly.

Site Auditing

I will complete a site audit for your website and highlight any issues which, when resolved, should increase keyword ranking.

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