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Hi, I’m Dale Davies

I’m an SEO Consultant in Edinburgh

For six years I’ve been working in the field of Search Engine Optimisation (abbreviated as SEO), starting with the optimisation and improvement of my own website, which grew to earn an average of 34,000 visits a month in 2017.

During that time and since, I’ve been consulting with small and medium-sized businesses on SEO to help them increase the visibility of their own websites within Google’s search engine so they too can earn more organic traffic that can be converted into revenue-increasing leads and sales.

Since 2018, my time has been split between owning the SEO marketing campaign of one of the UK’s premier digital marketing agencies and performing the role of Head of Digital Strategy for the same agency.

What is SEO Consulting?

SEO consulting is the continual business support by an expert in search engine optimisation (SEO). An SEO consultant, once hired to consult a business, will provide the business with the SEO analysis, research, and strategy needed to help the business improve its search engine visibility. This guidance will take the form of reporting and actionable insights which the hiring company can action internally — although, in my case, I’m able to implement this necessary work if required — so that the company website’s keyword ranking potential is improved.

A freelance SEO consultant will advise on SEO improvements both on-site and off-site. On-site SEO focuses on improving a website’s content and its ability to be crawled by web crawlers like Googlebot. Off-site SEO focuses on improving the content, the type of link to your website, or the quality of the websites linking to your site.

The pricing of an SEO consultant can vary considerably depending on their level of expertise, the quantity of work the website requires, and the frequency with which the SEO consultant is required to meet or speak with the company in question.

Why Businesses Need a Freelance SEO Consultant

Without SEO consulting or any SEO guidance at all, it’s easy for a business to make changes to a website that may not result in the improved keyword ranking and increase in organic traffic required to reach revenue and business goals. Working without an SEO strategy would be like baking a cake for the first time without a recipe. One person may be able to figure out how to bake a cake by guessing the ingredients, but the overall success will be very low.

If a business has the internal capacity to perform the SEO work required, (with the largest percentage of work being content writing or revision) then only expert guidance is needed to ensure that the right actions are taken to make improvements in the best priority order.

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Why You Should Choose a Freelance SEO Consultant Over an Agency

SEO agencies often have many companies on their books, which can frequently result in their SEO specialists being spread too thinly trying to cover them all, resulting in results that don’t match a company’s ambitions or revenue goals.

As a freelance SEO consultant, I choose to only support a handful of businesses at any one time, meaning that your business gets my full attention and expertise rather than my trying to support dozens of companies all at the same time.

Choosing a singular SEO consultant also avoids the gamble of choosing what appears to be a “cheap” SEO agency which may promise a lot, but delivers very little. If an agency promises an SEO package which sounds too good to be true for almost no money at all, it almost certainly is and the work could be very low-quality or, even worse, use Black Hat SEO techniques which could lead to an algorithm penalty that’s difficult to reverse.

Other SEO Services I Offer

Alongside freelance SEO consulting I also offer a range of related SEO services, including; Competitor Analysis, eCommerce SEO, and Local SEO consulting.

Backlink Analysis

I will audit your website’s backlinks and notify you of any which may be harmful to your website’s ability to rank at the top of Google.

Content Auditing

I will complete an audit of your website’s existing content. I will evaluate which pieces could be improved (or removed) in order to increase your website’s search visibility.

eCommerce SEO

I will support your eCommerce store on search engine optimisation improvements which will lead to an increase in organic traffic and buying customers.

Link Building

Alongside a writing partner, I will draft a link building strategy for your business and develop it to earn your business valuable backlinks.

SEO Strategy

I will draft an SEO strategy for your business which you or your team can follow to increase your website’s ranking in Google and grow organic traffic.

Competitor Analysis

I will analyse your website’s competitors and highlight their strengths and weaknesses so that you can turn them into your own growth opportunities.

Content Strategy

I will create a content strategy for you and your team to use as the framework of future content creation. This will lead to the creation of traffic-earning content for your website.

Keyword Research

I will complete research into the best keywords for your business to focus on, based on your target market’s problems and dilemmas.

Local SEO

I will audit your website and suggest areas of possible optimisation which will lead to an increase in local search visibility and an increase in local enquiries and sales.

Site Auditing

I will audit your website and consult on the errors or issues to prioritise fixing first which should result in an increase in search visibility and traffic.

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