SEO Competitor Analysis

Analyse competitor websites to find their strengths and
weaknesses and to turn them into opportunities

Hi, I’m Dale Davies

I’m an SEO Consultant in Edinburgh

For six years I’ve been working within the field of Search Engine Optimisation, initially earning success for my own website before moving into an SEO Manager role at an emerging UK digital marketing agency, where I’ve helped hundreds of websites to increase their search engine performance and beat their competitors.

What Is Competitor Analysis?

Competitor analysis is the process of analysing a business’ competition to determine the cause of their success and to find areas of opportunity which can be exploited for business growth and to gain a greater share of the marketplace.

SEO competitor analysis is focused on reviewing the strengths and weaknesses of competitor websites which perform well in search engines, typically ranking at the top of Google for key search queries, and turning those strengths and weaknesses into exploitable opportunities.

This analysis involves the review of a competitor’s website content, their backlinks, and their link building strategy.

Why Businesses Need SEO Competitor Analysis

Without understanding how other businesses are performing in the search results for key search queries it’s almost impossible to gain keyword ranking improvements. Without knowing what’s working, it’s difficult to know whether a business’ SEO strategy will be effective.

As competitors change tactics, challenger businesses need to stay informed of these changes and adjust their SEO strategies (if necessary).

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Why You Should Choose a Freelance SEO Consultant Over an Agency

Digital marketing and SEO agencies normally have several dozen clients on their books which can result in their specialists and account managers being spread thinly across them. This can result in less-than-perfect work or satisfactory campaign results, i.e, not the traffic, leads, or sales increases businesses need to match their growth targets.

Alternatively, freelance SEO consultants like myself will only work with a handful of businesses at one time, meaning that each business gets the dedication and time required to generate significant growth and strong campaign performance.

Other SEO Services I Offer

As well as SEO competitor research, I also offer a range of related SEO services, including Content Auditing, eCommerce SEO, and Local SEO.

Backlink Analysis

I will analyse your website’s link profile and look for any spammy or hazardous backlinks which may be limiting your website’s search performance.

Content Strategy

I will craft a bespoke content strategy for your business which will aid you in your content creation process, to increase search ranking and organic traffic.

Keyword Research

I will complete keyword research for your business so that you or your team can utilise it as the foundation of your future content creation.

Local SEO

I will analyse your website and highlight improvement areas for your Local SEO performance, delivering more local customers for your business.

SEO Strategy

I will create an search engine optimisation strategy for your business so that you or your team can improve your website and increase your websites’ search ranking.

Content Auditing

I will audit your website’s existing content and highlight any areas where improvements can be made which will result in keyword ranking and traffic increases.

eCommerce SEO

I will audit your eCommerce website and highlight issues or errors which could be limiting your store’s ability to increase sales from earned organic traffic.

Link Building

With a content creation partner, I will create and deliver a link building strategy which earns your website backlinks from high-importance domains.

SEO Consulting

I will consult on search engine optimisation for your business so that you or your team can make improvements to your website directly.

Site Auditing

I will complete a site audit of your website and highlight areas for improvement which, when fixed, should result in improvements in both user experience and search performance.

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