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Hi, I’m Dale Davies

I’m a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) in Edinburgh

For over six years I’ve been helping businesses to increase their website’s ranking in Google’s search engine and grow their organic traffic, helping to increase website leads and sales as an SEO consultant and as part of an SEO agency.

My SEO expertise stems from building well-ranking websites and SEO consulting for hundreds of businesses on how to use Search Engine Optimisation to increase website visibility.

What Is Search Engine Optimisation?

Search Engine Optimisation (or SEO) is the process of improving a website so that it’s more visible in search engine results pages, in particular, Google’s search results pages.

For websites to rank well in search engines it’s important that they not only function well but also have incredible content that answers the most common queries searched by prospective customers. By creating strong content which delivers concise and informative answers, the ranking and traffic growth potential of a website increases significantly.

Why Businesses Need Search Engine Optimisation

Businesses need search engine optimisation — and an SEO Consultant or Agency — because SEO is incredibly important for earning website traffic which can be converted either into leads or sales.

Whether your business relies more on in-person networking or social networks (like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, or any of the many others), your business needs to establish a search engine presence so that your business ranks first for your most important search queries (also called “keyword phrases”) instead of your competitors.

The biggest benefit of SEO is that organic traffic is often the most qualified traffic available. Prospective customers have an idea of what service or product they want, so when they search for “packaging company near me”, “24-hour locksmith in Edinburgh”, or “emergency plumber in Leith”; your business needs to appear at the top of Google.

Using the SEO strategy I provide (or I can complete the SEO work on your website myself), your company website will increase in visibility and rank at the top of Google.

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Why You Need a Freelance SEO Consultant and Not an Agency

Unlike an SEO agency, I work with only a handful of companies at a time, meaning that businesses get my complete attention. With SEO companies, it’s highly likely that your SEO consultant or account manager is handling several businesses at once, leading to less-than-divided attention on your businesses.

Search Engine Optimisation Services I Offer

I offer the following SEO services to businesses in Edinburgh, the UK, and globally to increase website ranking and multiply organic traffic, leads, and eCommerce store sales.

Backlink Analysis

I will review your website’s backlinks and determine whether any are harmful to your website’s organic ranking potential.

Content Auditing

I will complete a content audit to find opportunities to improve your content so your website’s search engine ranking increases and traffic generation improves.

eCommerce SEO

I will complete an eCommerce SEO audit to identify potential improvements for your website which will increase search engine ranking.

Link Building

With a writing partner, I will create and complete a link building strategy for your website. This will be focused on link quality rather than link quantity.

SEO Consulting

I will consult with your business on how to increase your website’s organic traffic by making website improvements.

Site Auditing

I will perform a site audit on your website for areas of opportunity which can be turned into ranking increases and an increase in organic traffic.

Competitor Analysis

I will analyse your website’s competitors and advise your business on how to outperform them in Google’s search results pages.

Content Strategy

I will create a content strategy which will help your website increase in ranking, based on core SEO principles and customer intent.

Keyword Research

I will do keyword research for your business to determine the best subject and topic focus for your business which will result in increased ranking and organic traffic growth.

Local SEO

I will review your website and determine the best Local SEO strategy for increasing your websites’ ranking and traffic from local searchers.

SEO Strategy

I will design a search engine optimisation strategy for your business which you or your team can follow to increase your websites’ search engine ranking.

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