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Hi, I’m Dale Davies

I’m a Digital Marketing Consultant in Edinburgh

For over six years I’ve been helping companies to increase their business and reach their revenue goals using digital marketing.

My expertise as a digital marketing consultant comes from having consulted for several businesses on how to use digital channels and mediums, such as Organic Traffic (traffic from search engines, like Google’s), to increase brand awareness and visibility.

My speciality is in Search Engine Optimisation, the process of improving a website so that it appears at the top of Google for the queries customers search for; however, my experience extends into other areas of digital marketing including social media.

What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing, otherwise known as internet marketing, is similar to traditional marketing but focused entirely on promoting a business on the internet. Businesses have many marketing channel options to choose from, some of which bring immediate results (such as Pay-Per-Click traffic) whereas others take longer (such as Search Engine Optimisation).

Pay-Per-Click advertising, with Google Ads as the most popular and successful network, can deliver traffic to a website almost immediately, but it’s expensive and doesn’t often convert well. Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, will take longer to deliver results, but it delivers the best return-on-investment over the long-term as organic traffic is amongst the most qualified and therefore the most likely to take action to purchase or get in touch.

Why Businesses Need Digital Marketing

92% of the UK’s population has access to the internet and 67.7% of the population (approx. 45.1 million people) used the internet on a daily basis in 2019. Each business looking to find new customers must consider the internet as their primary source of new leads or sales. Even well-established businesses with household names spend millions of pounds every year on digital marketing — including £1.34bn spent on online advertising in 2018 — because they want their brands to be at the forefront of their customer’s mind.

If your business is starting to use digital marketing for the first time then you may want to focus first on making your business easy to find. To do this, I’d recommend Search Engine Optimisation. This will make your website easy to find for your most important services or products. You may also want to complement this with digital advertising, such as Google Ads, to increase the quantity of traffic from search engines.

To build brand awareness, as well as traffic and (potentially) sales too, the best approach would be to use Content Marketing and both paid-for and organic social media marketing.

Where a business may already have traffic but a low percentage of converting leads or sales, Conversion Rate Optimisation would be best. Conversion Rate Optimisation, or CRO, is a process of increasing the conversion rate of a website so that, for example, doubling the conversion rate from 1.5% to 3% for a website earning 10,000 visits a month would result in an increase from 150 leads (or sales) to 300 — all from the same quantity of visitors.

If you and your business need advice on the best digital marketing services for your business growth ambitions, please get in touch to request a free consultation.

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Digital Marketing Services I Offer

I offer the following digital marketing services in Edinburgh and to businesses both nationally in the UK and, remotely, globally also.

Backlink Analysis

I will complete a backlink audit to identify hazardous links which point to your website. I will also identify potential new link building opportunities based on this research.

Content Auditing

I will audit your website’s content and highlight areas of opportunity to improve your website’s ability to rank, leading to organic traffic increases.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

I will audit your website’s conversion rate and highlight areas where improvements can be made which will lead to an increase in your conversion rate and an uptick in leads or sales.

eCommerce SEO

I will audit your eCommerce website and find key areas of improvement which will lead to an increase in search engine ranking and converting organic traffic.

Link Building

With a content partner, I will strategise and complete a link building campaign which will generate an increase in high-value backlinks for your website.

SEO Consulting

I will consult on search engine optimisation for your business and identify areas for improvement which will lead to ranking and organic traffic increases for your website.

Site Auditing

I will audit your website and identify areas for improvement which may lead to increases in ranking performance, and because of it, increases in traffic.

Competitor Analysis

I will analyse your business’ digital competitors and find both their weaknesses and strengths so that you can take advantage of them.

Content Strategy

I will create a custom content strategy for your business resulting in an increase of traffic to your website which can be converted into leads or eCommerce store sales.

Digital Marketing Consulting

I will consult your business on the best internet marketing approach to take which will lead to traffic, leads, and sales increases in order to achieve your revenue and profit goals.

Keyword Research

I will complete keyword research for your business which can form the basis of your entire search engine optimisation campaign.

Local SEO

I will audit your website and find Local SEO opportunities which will help your website to rank at the top of Google for searches performed by your local customers.

SEO Strategy

I will devise a custom SEO strategy for your business which you or your team can follow to increase your website’s search engine ranking and traffic.

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