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For the past six years, I’ve been helping businesses to grow their brand’s visibility and increase traffic from prospective customers.

My expertise lies in Search Engine Optimisation, otherwise known as SEO. I create and help to implement digital marketing strategies which lead to increases in brand awareness, sustained lead generation, and product sales growth.

Digital Marketing Services I Offer

Backlink Analysis

I will analyse your website’s links and determine how how valuable they are to your website’s ranking prospects and identify possible link opportunities.

Content Auditing

I will analyse your website’s content and determine whether there are opportunities for improvement which can lead to ranking and traffic increases.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

I will review your website’s ability to convert traffic into leads or completed checkout sales and provide recommendations on how to improve your conversion rate.

eCommerce SEO

I will audit your eCommerce store website and determine the best SEO strategy to increase organic traffic to it.

Link Building

With a content marketing partner, I will strategise and perform a link building campaign to increase high-quality backlinks to your website.

SEO Consulting

I will consult on search engine optimisation for your business so that you may make improvements to your website’s ranking and traffic internally.

Site Auditing

I will audit your website to find opportunities for improvement in organic ranking which will lead to increases in search engine ranking and traffic.

Competitor Analysis

I will audit your website’s competitors and look for opportunities where your business can take advantage of both their weaknesses and their strengths.

Content Strategy

I will design a content strategy for your website to maximise lead volume to your website which can be nurtured into prospective customers.

Digital Marketing Consulting

I will consult on your business’ digital marketing strategy and advise you and your team on improvements you can make to increase your business’ lead and sales.

Keyword Research

I will perform keyword research for your business to determine the optimal search queries to optimise your website for.

Local SEO

I will audit and optimise your website to increase local organic traffic which will lead to an increase in footfall, calls, or contact requests from people local to your business.

SEO Strategy

I will create a search engine optimisation strategy for your business which you and your team will be able to work on and complete at your own pace.

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