About Dale Davies

Digital Marketing Consultant, Digital Strategy Consultant, SEO Consultant, and all-around nice guy

Who is Dale Davies?

Dale Davies is a digital marketing consultant living in Edinburgh. He has been working within the digital marketing industry since 2014 when he made his start as a social media intern and freelance content writer.

In late 2015, Dale joined the digital marketing agency Exposure Ninja as a content writer and, in early 2016, took the role as SEO Manager, responsible for the campaigns of more than fifty clients.

In early 2018, Dale moved into the new role of Digital Strategy Manager for the same agency following a forced short period away from work in November 2017 due to a cerebral haemorrhage (a stroke).

Since then, Dale has been consulting across hundreds of digital marketing campaigns, utilising his SEO expertise and his developing skills in digital strategy.


Dale has worked in digital marketing since 2014, however, his experience with digital marketing began in 2012 when he started a travel blog with his now wife. As the travel blog involved full ownership of the digital strategy, it was a fantastic place to start learning and implementing digital marketing methods.

For the travel blog to be a success, everything about the website had to work well, from the onsite content through to offsite content and promotion. This involved Dale learning Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) from scratch, teaching himself how to create content which ranked well for high-value search terms.

To learn more about link building, Dale started freelance content writing for other websites and that helped him to learn which types of content worked well and more about how guest posting and link building works.

Dale picked up social media skills while promoting the travel blog on social media, which led to an extensive and successful promotional campaign across emerging social media networks such as Pinterest.

All of this earned experience led to an eventual role as SEO Manager (or Head of SEO) at Exposure Ninja, a remote-working digital marketing agency catering to small and medium-sized businesses. The responsibilities of this role included the leadership of a remote SEO team which primarily featured offshore SEO Specialists in the Philippines.

Over time, Dale expanded the SEO team to include specialists within the UK and Europe, many of whom have now moved onto promoted roles within the agency, including the role of Head of SEO and the Head of Project Management.

Today, Dale is still working with Exposure Ninja in a leadership role as Digital Strategy Manager. This was a new role, created in 2018 for Dale to transition into following enforced medical leave after having a stroke in November of the previous year. In this role, Dale’s primary responsibilities have been to strategise campaigns for the agency’s biggest clients and as a specialist consultant across all campaigns.

Before Dale’s time working in the field of digital marketing in 2012, he spent eleven years working in retail, starting with several years at McDonald’s (including a minor leadership role), Starbucks (as a shift supervisor), and at the UK entertainment retailer, HMV (as a shift supervisor).

Getting Personal

Dale lives in Leith, Edinburgh with his wife, Franca, and baby daughter, Sofia.

Dale has been vegan since 2014 after going vegetarian in 2013 following a period spent volunteering with dog shelters in Thailand, one of which was within the industry-challenging Elephant Nature Park (a hands-off elephant sanctuary) which has more than four-hundred dogs under their care.

Dale’s ethics are tied to his veganism which influence his choice of companies to both buy from or work with.

In November 2017, Dale had a cerebral haemorrhage, otherwise known as a “stroke”. This life-altering event has influenced many of the decisions Dale has made, including moving back to Edinburgh after a year spent living in Alberobello, Italy, his wife’s hometown.

Since November 2019, Dale has served on the Board of Ecas, a Leith-based charity which supports people with disabilities in Edinburgh and Lothian.

Dale is a feminist and LGBT+ ally.

Dale’s interests and hobbies range from reading through to computer gaming (in particular, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive). He loves to invest in self-improvement, learning about history, and when time permits, travelling.

Dale is a keen music lover, with genre tastes which range from heavy metal (mostly a lot of Djent) to jazz and classical music.

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