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About Me

Over the past few years SEO has been a passion. Yes, it sounds corny to say so (and you probably read it all the time), but when I started to learn about how much I could help to improve websites through a little bit of TLC, I was hooked.

My SEO experience began during a three-year nomadic trip my partner and I began in the summer of 2012. We needed a way to communicate with our friends and family back home and the idea of a blog came together. One simple way to upload our stories and pictures so that everyone knew where we were, and what we were doing.

Along the way I started to develop a taste for trying to rank my blog posts within Google for topics I was passionate about (you can read all about them on our blog, Slow Vegan Travel Blog)). I dedicated a lot of time to learning how to rank well – and high – on Google’s results pages.

I spent time improving my writing and my methods so that I knew not just how to rank using SEO, but also how to use smart Digital Marketing across multiple networks to make our “brand” well know.

40,000 monthly visits to the blog later and I wanted a new challenge.

My next journey came in doing freelance writing for other publishers, which eventually turned into a job writing for Exposure Ninja. After only a short period working there I interviewed for the role of SEO Manager and was successful. I started to run a team of remote working employees working on small-to-medium businesses across the UK. Since my time began there my knowledge of SEO and digital marketing in general multiplied tenfold and continues to improve with the experience I gain everyday (Spoiler: I still work there)

Right now I’m living in Italy with my partner and continuing to help make Exposure Ninja the best digital marketing agency in Europe. I’ve helped hundreds of businesses and get a kick out of consulting for others so that they too can increase their leads, increase their sales, and get a nice ranking increase along the way.

If you too would like to see your leads, sales, and rankings increase – do get in touch!