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Business Growth through Digital Strategy and SEO

Increase your traffic and sales with expert-led digital strategies using Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Content Marketing, PPC, and Social Media


Digital Strategy Consulting

By reviewing your current digital marketing results I can help you to generate an increase in traffic to your business and a profitable increase in sales or recurring paying customers.

Through the use of market research, I’ll help you to understand your customer more so that we can reach a greater number of them, through the use of Digital channels (SEO, Paid Search Ads, Paid Social Ads, etc) and teach them the benefits of your product or services.

SEO Consulting

Reach more of your target audience through the use of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO or Local SEO).

Through the use of strong pre-process analysis and auditing, together we’ll craft a user experience which people in your target audience will love, but also Google and other search engines will love to.

This work will require strong SEO Auditing, Research, Copywriting, Content Creation, and Content Marketing.

Who Am I?

I’m Dale Davies and I’ve been working within Digital Marketing for four years as the Head of the SEO Department of a successful UK marketing agency and as a Content Marketer (Copy and Content Marketing) before that.

Over the past four years I’ve been helping hundreds of Small and Medium-sized businesses to reach their marketing potential, which has led to incredible revenue and profit increases along the way.

Where Am I?

I live in Edinburgh, Scotland; but because I work remotely I’m able to work with companies across the United Kingdom and the rest of the world.

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